Zero waste supermarket opens in town, good for you and good for the planet

When it comes to trying to reduce the amount of plastic and waste you consume, you don’t have to look any further than Fore Street in Kingsbridge. 

Green & Wild - as beautiful as it is eco-friendly

Green and Wild is a zero waste shop in the centre of Kingsbridge, where you can buy all of your essentials, as well as some beautiful luxuries, and know that you’re doing the planet a favour. Even more impressive - you can click and collect for when you’re short on time, or short on patience for shopping. 

Their selection of beans and pulses

Green and Wild is run by Rachel and Alex, with help from their gorgeous dog Rafiki. The shop came about after the couple started seeing more and more plastic being washed up on our beaches. 

As they learnt more about the impact that pollution has on wildlife they decided to cut plastic out of their weekly shop, but without a zero waste shop nearby that turned out to be harder than they thought, so they decided to start their own - and this is how Green and Wild was born. 

Rachel said: “We decided that in addition to reducing our plastic footprint, we also wanted to commit to being organic and local. We sell organic produce where possible, as we believe organic is better for our health and for the environment. 

“We source products locally to reduce the carbon footprint of our shop, and to support local businesses and entrepreneurs.”

We source products locally to reduce the carbon footprint of our shop, and to support local businesses and entrepreneurs

Alex added: “We have learnt so much along the way and want to keep growing and learning, so we welcome you to share your thoughts, ideas and particularly your local product recommendations

Being plastic free does not mean you have to forgo your usual luxuries too, at Green and Wild you can get everything from chocolate buttons to organic shampoo bars, cornflakes for your breakfast to pasta for your dinner, from beer to cleaning products to razors to soaps to lunchboxes. They really do have everything you could need. 

Bathroom essentials and pampering products


Cleaning products, so your house can be as clean as your conscience 

If you’re at the beginning of trying to reduce the amount of waste you create, Green and Wild also have the basics, from reusable kitchen rolls and cloths to wraps to replace your cling film. They sell beautiful Kilner jars to store all your yummy goodies in too, although you’re encouraged to bring in your own containers to be filled, or they have paper bags that can be decanted when you get home. 

Any type of jar, bottle and container you could need

Only 9 percent of plastic that has ever been created has been recycled. This means that 91 per cent of all the plastic drinks bottles that you’ve bought from vending machines still exist in the world. 91 per cent of all the single-use plastic trays that your meat or vegetables come in, are still here, either in landfill or littered somewhere. 

Only 9 percent of plastic that has ever been created has been recycled

You can fight back against this wave of plastic by reducing or eliminating the plastic you use in daily life. Especially single use plastic. At Green and Wild you can pick up tins, lunchboxes, jars, water bottles, cotton bags, produce bags, food wraps, coffee cups, pots, canisters, baskets and pouches to replace all the plastic you would usually use for shopping and storage. 

Beautiful and versatile storage tins and lunch boxes

Aside from the kitchen, another hot spot for plastic is the bathroom. All the shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions and potions tend to come in plastic bottles. But in Green and Wild you can pick up toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, face masks, balms, moisturisers, serums, hair oils, beard oils, scrubs, and much more besides, all completely plastic free and they smell AMAZING. 

Everything you need for pampering

One of the other fantastic things about Green and Wild is the click and collect service they are currently running due to Coronavirus. If you visit their website: and download their order form, you can browse through their full list of products (which are helpfully organised into categories), choose how much you would like of each item, the form adds up your totals for the shop and you email it back to Rachel and Alex along with your name and phone number. They will then call you to arrange payment and a collection time and you can pop in and pick it up, easy-peasy! 

Oh and when you pop in, they have machines where you can bottle your own freshly squeezed orange juice and grind your own peanut butter! Not only great for the environment, but great fun too! 

Have a go at grinding your own peanut butter

You can find out more about Green and Wild on their website, and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram too. Pop in to see them at 46 Fore Street, Kingsbridge, about a third of the way up on the left hand side, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, or Saturday: 9am - 4pm.


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