Boat nearly smashed to pieces on the rocks

A boat has been nearly smashed to pieces by the waves on North Sands slipway. 

The boat on North Sands slipway - credit Salcombe Harbour 

The boat was reported to be blocking the slipway earlier today, when Salcombe Harbour posted on Facebook to say that the slipway was closed until the vessel was retrieved. 

Later a video was shared on popular Facebook page 'Salcombe Mugs' of the same boat smashing against the rocks. Large chunks are missing from the bow and the outboard motor is hanging on by a thread. 

Thanks to the person, who wishes to remain anonymous, for permission to use the video

The person who videoed the boat said: "I called the Coastguard really early as I was going for a surf and no one got paged to check it out. The D-Class lifeboat could have easily got alongside and towed it away to safety before it was destroyed."

People who saw the video were split in their opinions between those who felt sympathy for the owner for a possible slipped mooring, and suggesting someone could have dragged it out of harms way, and those who berated them for not heeding weather warnings and made sure the boat was secure or out of the water. What do you think? 

Salcombe Harbour Master has been contacted and we will update the story as soon as we can. 


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