Escaped snake in Kingsbridge, keep an eye out for gentle and aging Doritos

A snake called Doritos has escaped from a flat in Kingsbridge and his owner is "extremely worried" about the "friendly, docile, loving" snake.

Doritos the Carolina corn snake is missing 

Zoë Moore said Doritos escaped from her flat above Lidstones Butchers this evening, Thursday, August 13, because it was so hot. He was last seen at the top of Fore Street possibly heading towards Tesco or the top car park. 

She said: "I'm really heartbroken, he's my oldest snake out of nine, I've had him most of my life and he's roughly 24-years-old. He's got arthritis in his tail as well. 

"Please don't be afraid, he's never bitten anyone and is a very friendly, docile, loving snake. He'll be more afraid of you I promise!"

Zoe blames Doritos escape on her landlord not fixing a window in her flat. She said: "I can't open my main window and the painter jammed my top window shut so had to open the bottom window it's been over 30°C at night. I'm doing all I can to cool it but that's definitely contributed to it as he'd never leave the house normally but it was crazy hot. 

"if it wasn't this hot he wouldn't have gone outside and if I could open the top window that's been jammed he couldn't have gotten out."

If you spot Doritos, contact Zoë on 07707 602338. 


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