Kingsbridge Rugby Club down to the last six for club of the season

Kingsbridge Rugby Club have made it to the final six in the competition to be Gallagher Rugby Club of the Season. 

L-R: Callum (Junior Boys), Daisy (U18 Girls Team) and Jo (Fundraising and Community Interaction) being interviewed by Gallagher for the Rugby Club of the Season competition 

Rob MacKenzie, Juniors Chair at Kingsbridge Rugby Football Club, said: "We're really proud to be in the final six. When you see what some of the other clubs are doing, we are really proud to have got this far. Its a bit of recognition and a pat on the back. Especially since we are mostly volunteers at KRFC, its nice to have someone else say we're doing the right thing too. 

"If we win, we get some new training gear, but more importantly we get 100 tickets to the Premiership Final at Twickenham! Although if we win those we would have to work out how to choose who got to go, but that would be a nice problem to have. Its very exciting.

"We really see ourselves as a community club, so its not all about the rugby. We want the club to be about the values the kids take away from us, about the value of teamwork especially. Which is even more important at the moment."

We want the club to be about the values the kids take away from us, about the value of teamwork especially

KRFC are down to the final six to win the title of Gallagher Rugby Club of the Season

Rob explained how the nomination came about. "It landed in our laps really. All the grassroots clubs received the information about applying and we thought since we are a community club we had nothing to lose! So we sent off all the paperwork and actually thought nothing more of it. 

"Later we got a call to follow up on our application, but again we didn't think much of it. Then we got an email to tell us we were in the final six! Its also nice that its from Gallagher and not the Rugby Football Union, so its an external partner recognising our hard work."#

Watch Daisy use her 15 seconds to explain why KRFC deserve to be Rugby Club of the Season:

To help KRFC win the competition and be named the Gallagher Rugby Club of the Season, you can vote for them by CLICKING HERE


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