Van drives off the side of the tidal road

Kingsbridge Police warned people to not use the tidal road in Aveton Gifford yesterday after a van ended up getting stuck.

The van stuck on the tidal road - sent in

Thank you to the person who sent us the photo, but wanted to stay anonymous. They said that the van had driven off the side of the road and was stuck in the estuary mud.

Kingsbridge Police posted: "High tide is now. It'll start to go out shortly. That'll give the recovery company a helping hand to recover the vehicle from the tidal road at Aveton Gifford. Once the tide has gone out, it'll be blocked whilst the car gets recovered. Please use the main road."

I can laugh because I've done it myself! 


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  2. When police warned you to avoid from any thing then must act upon. Now this van has been stuck there for no reasons after the warning auto locksmith then why this van owner tried to go Aveton Gifford this is actually a non-serious behavior of the citizen.

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