Video shows stream of cars parked on double yellows

A video taken while driving through East Portlemouth shows a stream of cars parked on double yellow lines, blocking emergency access. 

A screenshot of the video - credit West Prawle Farm

The video was shared on Instagram by West Prawle Farm, alongside the caption: "It's certainly a hot one, and by the looks of it everyone wants to be at the beach. It's incredibly frustrating to see car after car parked on double yellows (in some places double parked on double yellows both sides of the road) everyday. 

"[Cars are] also blocking field gateways stopping us from checking on/moving our livestock and generally causing absolute havoc. Praying the emergency services aren't required this summer as they'd have absolutely no chance at getting to an emergency in East Portlemouth. Please, please, please, park considerately."

Talking about people parking badly, a spokesperson for West Prawle Farm said: "The gateways isn't want angers me, it's the fact they don't care that emergency services wouldn't be able to pass. Could be a life!"

Watch the video here:


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