Young lad takes it upon himself to make his town safer

 A young lad has taken it upon himself to make his area of town a little bit safer by strimming the corner to improve visibility for vehicles. 

Before and After - credit Charlie's Gardening Services

Charlie Hutchinson, 13, lives in Rack Park Road and his parents mentioned to him that it was getting difficult to see round the corner on Coronation Road because it was so overgrown. 

Charlie explained: "Today I had some strimming to do at the Fisherman's Rest in Aveton Gifford, so when I got back home, before I put my equipment away I went and cut the grass."

Charlie strimming the area - credit Charlie's Gardening Services

People on social media have been quick to thank him for taking the initiative. One person did point out the need to look for baby hedgehogs before strimming overgrown areas, but was reassured that Charlie had cleared the area of rubbish and bottles so no hedgehogs were harmed. 

Charlie does strimming and gardening work around his school work and in the holidays, you can find him on Facebook here

South Hams District Council have been contacted but did not respond immediately. We will update as soon as we can. 


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