Plea to get tap gnome home

 A plea to get the West Alvington tap gnome home after he was heartlessly stolen by callous thieves. 

The gnome, who has sat perched under the archway on the village tap for as long as anyone can remember, was stolen at some point between last weekend and yesterday, the 25th of September. 

The West Alvington tap gnome has been stolen

A statement from West Alvington official governing body read: "We at West Alvington have been robbed of our gnome heritage. The village tap gnome has sat gleefully in the tap archway cheering up the West Alvington traffic and onlookers for many years, and before then has spent decades as a permanent resident to the village. 

"One local woman said that 'she no longer feels safe', and another man from the same street as the theft has reported the neighbourhood is full of anger and inconsolable sorrow. 

One local woman said that 'she no longer feels safe', and...the neighbourhood is full of anger and inconsolable sorrow

"Police should be looking for someone who is deranged but also 'strong' as the gnome is 100kg plus. Until witness's step forward the assailant remains ungnome."

The tap without its gnome - a devastating sight

As the tap gnome is very heavy, you should keep an eye out for people with bad backs or anyone who took a wheelbarrow for a late night walk this week. 

Hopefully the abhorrent thieves will have a crisis of conscience and return the tap gnome as soon as possible, but West Alvington residents are worriedly anticipating a ransom note to arrive at any time. 


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