Harbertonford Primary explores North American culture

Pupils at Harbertonford Primary School have been exploring North American culture as the celebrate census day. 

The reception children with teacher Jade Morgan and kitchen staff Brittany Harris, Lisa Smith and Louise White

The taste of the States started with a busy Breakfast Club, where the children enjoyed a US style meal of pancakes with strawberries and waffles. Later they learned more about the country with puzzles and colouring challenges. 

At lunchtime the kitchen staff served up hotdogs and fries from their hatch, which was decorated with US flags. Throughout the day children had the opportunity to pose with iconic images from the country.

Breakfast Club tuck into their pancakes

Headteacher, Anne Burns, said: “The children have settled back into school so well and it was lovely for them to have the opportunity to explore another country and culture in a fun and exciting way. They really embraced the event and we had our busiest Breakfast Club and school lunch so far this year! 

"A huge thank you to our fantastic team in the kitchen who helped transport us across the Atlantic for the day. We will definitely be exploring other countries and cultures this way later in the year.”


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