Kingsbridge's own little London Marathon raises more than £4,000

Around a dozen people joined Kingsbridge man Edd Roberts as he completed a "virtual" London Marathon on Sunday.

Edd Roberts (fourth from the left) with his fellow runners at the start of the marathon

After the real event was cancelled due to the coronavirus, Edd decided to focus all his training and fundraising on completing the marathon in his home town, and has raised more than £4,000 for Whizz Kidz, a charity that provides specialist wheelchairs and walkers for kids with disabilities. Read more about the run up to the event here

He ran a loop of Kingsbridge (Quay - Ilbert Road - Cookworthy Road - Duncombe Street - Church Street - Embankment Road - Bowcombe Bridge and back) four times to recreate the 26 mile route of the London Marathon, completing it in an amazing time of three hours and 58 minutes. 

Watch Edd cross the finish line below, thanks to his wife Kim Roberts for the video:

Despite not getting a real London Marathon medal, a friend loaned him his medal from 1982 for 24 hours. 

Edd with his 1982 medal - credit Kim Roberts

Speaking after he had had a well deserved pint and pub lunch, Edd said he was "over the moon" with the amount of money raised for Whizz Kids. 

He said: "The biggest thank you to all the runners who joined me. It was an absolute pleasure to run with you. Awesome that some of you hit [personal bests] too. You guys helped me round and I had a laugh with you too. I appreciate it so, so, so much.

The biggest thank you to all the runners who joined me. It was an absolute pleasure to run with you...I appreciate it so, so, so much

"Big thanks to all the people I've met on Instagram that have pushed me and supported me recently so many positive messages I've received is really amazing, you know who you are, and thanks to Kim for putting up with me the last year whilst I've been out training.

"So the run: it was cold and wet and very windy, but I loved every minute of it. Managed to go around with no headphones for the whole distance. Big thing for me! I enjoyed so much running with these other guys. I went out with no expectation on time it would have been what it would have been. So must say I'm pleasantly surprised with a sub-four-hour run. 

it was cold and wet and very windy, but I loved every minute of it

"I'm still fairly away with the fairies, it's taking a while for it all to sink in. My legs aren't too bad. It's my back and shoulders that are just massively stiff!"

Edd's whole run was filmed by Dan Coleman of Image Three Sixty, looking forward to seeing the final cut! 

Congratulations to Edd, running a marathon is no mean feat and to do it all for charity is even more impressive. Well done! 

You can still donate to Whizz Kidz via Edd's fundraising page here


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