Online Christmas market is launched to encourage people to shop local

A Kingsbridge woman has launched an online Christmas market to encourage people to shop local in the festive period and support South Hams businesses. 

The group already has 1,000 members - Facebook 

Kingsbridge Online Christmas Market is the brain child of Leah Jordan, who was "gutted" that the local festive markets that she usually attended have all been cancelled (stupid coronavirus).

"I love Christmas markets", Leah explained, "I love all the individual things people make and I saw on the Virtual Tavern [an online 'pub' set up during lockdown that hosts virtual events] that they had an online Christmas fayre, and thought about maybe starting something up for people local to Kingsbridge."

I love Christmas markets, I love all the individual things people make 

She didn't expect it to take off like it has, with a thousand members at the time of writing, and said she expected "no one to be interested". She joked: "I thought I would have to remove it before anyone noticed!"

She continued: "I'm always at home after 7pm scrolling through Facebook and the Marketplace and I know I'm not going out shopping so I'm guessing buisnesses are missing out with Covid-19 around, so I thought, why not get everyone involved?"

She said she wanted to get people together "from local buisnesses to people at home making stuff in their spare time" and as a hairdresser by trade she knew people in industries are suffering so she opened the group up to allow people to post about gift vouchers or gift sets, to advertise Christmas takeaway dinners and more, so "no one is missed out".

If you recognise the photo, Leah had permission to use a photo of Mike Langman's famous 'Christmas house', which raises money for Children's Hospice South West every December. 

You can find the group Kingsbridge Online Christmas Market here

Imagine the difference we could make to local businesses if we did all of our Christmas shopping on the high street or from local traders! Let's be fair, Jeff Bezos doesn't need any more of our money, our neighbours could do with it though! 


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