Covid numbers increase by 20 per cent in three weeks

Laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the South Hams have risen by 23 per cent in three weeks, bringing the total number to 90. 


Councillor Roger Croad of Devon County Council released the numbers this afternoon, Wednesday, 18 November. 

Cllr Croad said there was a "steady increase across the board" and noted a "sharper increase in Cornwall". 

The number of confirmed cases in the South Hams was 73 between 26 October to 2 November, and now, between 10-16 November, there were 90 in the South Hams, with 958 in Devon.  

This puts the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 in the South Hams at 103.4, still lower than England generally (272.9), Plymouth (230.1) and Devon as a whole (119.4) but higher than across the border in Cornwall (84.8). 

Since 31 January to 16 November there has been 521 confirmed cases in the South Hams and 14 deaths.

Cllr Croad said: "Please note that all deaths are not necessarily BY CORONAVIRUS, just that the person tested positive at some stage - at this time it is impossible to separate the cases without going back and scrutinising each death certificate. Later figures are markedly more accurate than earlier in the pandemic."

In the local hospitals, as of 16 November, there were 127 people in hospital with Coronavirus; 88 in Derriford, with six in ICU, and 39 in Torbay, with two in ICU.

He also noted that while numbers were up in all age groups, the sharpest rise was in the working age group of 20-59. 

He said: "Now working very hard on any local vaccination roll out and will hopefully bring forward any information next week. Think local, stay local, buy local.

"An encouraging sign is that patients in ICU number only six per cent of the total.

"With cases on the rise everywhere in the peninsula, it really does highlight the importance of social distancing, good hand hygiene, mask wearing where appropriate and good local communication, if we want the positive cases to remain relatively low compared to most of the rest of England."


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