Residents are asked for their views on plans to improve The Spinney

Ivybridge residents are being asked by South Hams District Council to fill out a survey about planned improvements at Woodlands Park - The Spinney. 

Woodlands Park - credit SHDC

Residents can share their ideas on what improvements they want to see in Woodlands Park via the online survey, whether that’s more seating, additional play equipment, planting more trees, or anything else, the district council would like to hear your views.

South Hams District Council has allocated funding from local development to enhance the park, so this is a  chance for the community to have their say on what is important to them. 

South Hams District Councillor, Cllr Jonathan Hawkins, said: “We are very keen to get the views of all our residents who live near, or visit, the park. From young to old, we want to know what the whole community want.  

"That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to complete this online survey.  It will only take five minutes and it will help to ensure that we spend our money effectively to offer the right facilities and create a landscape that is suitable for everyone.” 

Local parks and green spaces have become increasingly important during recent times, with more people than ever using green spaces to relax and exercise.

The council has declared a Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency and is looking for opportunities within parks and green spaces to enhance biodiversity and offset the effects of Climate Change.   

Please complete the online survey and have your say HERE.

The consultation closes at midnight on Monday, 14 December 2020.


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