Vulnerable people left without heating for days

"Vulnerable" people have been left without heating, and at least one with no hot water, for five days after a fault with a boiler. 

Bowringsleigh Place, Kingsbridge

Fi Gullett, resident of Bowringsleigh Place, Kingsbridge, said: "First day of lockdown, heating and hot water broken in lots of flats as it is communal heating. Eventually at 6pm today they turn up with a tiny fan heater, repairs won't be done until next week."

She said she was having to go to bed "fully clothed and then gradually remove layers" as her property was so cold. 

She added: "It's communal heating so half the block is affected, apparently there are two specialist boilers and they've both gone down. The job has been contracted out and all the housing officer would say when I insisted on answers was that 'they are on it'."

It's communal heating so half the block is affected, apparently there are two specialist boilers and they've both gone down

She said that while other residents had hot water, her's was also off. She said: "There is an electric override but mine doesn't work and trips out all the electric wall sockets."

When asked if vulnerable people were living in the flats, she said "most definitely". 

Justin Davison, Head of Mechanical and Electrical and Compliance for LiveWest, said: “We are aware of the issue at Bowringsleigh Court and apologise for any frustration or inconvenience caused.

“When our contractor investigated the source of the fault, they identified that the leak had damaged several components and a new specialist pump was needed to resolve the issue.

“We are awaiting the delivery of that part and our contractor hopes to be able to resolve the issue tomorrow (Friday).

“The residents still have full access to hot water, and we have supplied them with temporary electric heating.

“Any additional costs incurred by the temporary heaters will be reimbursed.”


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