Woman's search for her birth mum leads her to Totnes

A woman's search for her birth mum has lead her to Totnes, and she says she wants to know where she comes from. 

Betsy Cullis is searching for her birth mum

Betsy Cullis, 21, lives in Portishead, Bristol, and has been searching for her birth mum on and off for about four years. About a year ago, she went to the hospital she was born at and gained access to her birth certificate, which gave her mother's name as Jane Grant, living at Flat 3, 58 High Street, Totnes. 

Betsy said: "Its just about knowing who my family are and finally putting a face to a name. I want to know where I come from. I also have some mental health issues and I'd like to know if it runs in my family. I have so many questions and no answers. I feel like I'm on an investigation."

Its just about knowing who my family are and finally putting a face to a name. I want to know where I come from

Three years ago, Betsy found a letter from her mother, that said that she would like to get in contact in the future, but didn't have any contact information. 

If Jane comes to read this, Betsy was born on 23.2.99 and is a nursey nurse, currently job-hunting because of Covid-19, who has a partner who she has been with for about a year. She was adopted in North Devon, where she lived for around eight years before moving to Bristol four years ago. 

Betsy said: "If she reads this and doesn't want to get in contact, that is totally fine, I completely understand and respect that."

If you think you might have information that would help Betsy in her search for her birth mum, email betsycullis23@icloud.com. 

Good luck Betsy, we hope you find all the answers you're looking for. 


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