Update on Covid-19 cases in the South Hams on the anniversary of first case in the UK

Today, January 31st, marked a year since the first two cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the UK and in the South Hams, there are nearly 100 people currently confirmed to have the virus. 

Coronavirus - stock image

Devon County Councillor Roger Croad released the latest data, showing 99 confirmed cases in the South Hams, 546 in Plymouth and 937 in the whole of Devon. 

This means that the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 in the South Hams is 113.8, compared with Devon - 116.8, Plymouth - 208.3 and England - 354.2. 

Sadly, four people died in the South Hams within 28 days of receiving a positive Covid test between 18-24 January, and our thoughts are with their family and friends. Across the UK, just yesterday, there were 1,200 deaths. That's almost as many people as died on the Titanic. In one day. 

Cllr Croad said that across the South West, 98 per cent of care home staff and residents and 85 per cent of the 80+ age group have had at least the first dose of the vaccine. 

He added: "Devon has the second lowest infection rate out of 152 local authorities across England, but that's no reason to drop our guard, EVEN IF YOU HAVE HAD THE JAB! Keep safe everyone, and keep adhering to all the rules."

If you are finding a lot of the talk surrounding Covid, vaccines, vitamin D and masks confusing, or worry that you're seeing a lot of misinformation or fake news without knowing it, check out our article about Totnes resident, well-respected scientist and science communicator (its her actual job to make 'science talk' into plain English) Dr Emily Grossman HERE. She really knows her stuff. 

Dr Emily Grossman

Stay safe. Stay well. Look after each other. 

- Sam Acourt, Editor


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